The How-Tos of Meaningful Gift Giving

The How-Tos of Meaningful Gift Giving


Gift-giving season is fast approaching.  You may have a list of family and friends you don’t want to miss out, but you haven’t decided yet what to give.

Gifts for people who are dear to you must be meaningful and if possible, personalized.  Here are some gift-giving suggestions that will certainly make your family and friends gush with delight:

Value the Person’s Likes

One of the most important aspects of gift giving is to show the person that you value what makes him or her happy.  Giving gifts that they appreciate very much is a sign that you value the person.

With that in mind, try giving presents that are appropriate for their personality.  If you have time, try not to give the same gifts to your circle of friends.  Individually, they will feel special because they know it was hand-picked by you.

Be practical when buying presents.  A lot of buyers choose gifts that are popular in the market, forgetting that the recipient may not have any practical use for them.

gift-444519_640Choose what is practical or more functional for the receiver.  For instance, for a lady friend you buy a branded perfume that everyone is raving about.  While it will surely be appreciated, you might want to ask yourself first if this friend has a favorite perfume that she really loves.  Buying her “favorites” could be the best way to go.

Forget the Store-bought

Gifts from the store shelves aren’t necessarily the best items around.  Some people feel much happier receiving handmade stuff because it imbibes the idea that none or only a few of these exist.  They can’t be found just anywhere and this makes it more special for the receiver.

Handmade items, as others would say it, are made with love.

Consider the Intangibles

Want to be different this year? Buy gifts that don’t come in a box.  Give the gift of experience.  Sometimes, it is difficult to think of a gift to older generations, parents for instance.  Some may have everything they need and have accumulated gifts from friends, loved ones, neighbors, office staff, and other people they have encountered in their lifetime.  It is even possible that there are unopened gifts gathering dust in the basement.

Concert tickets or certificates to a spa treatment could be a welcome present.  Try to think of an activity you know the recipient would enjoy even if it would mean just a one-time experience.  No matter how brief this experience may be, for as long as it is pleasurable for the recipient, it will be as meaningful.

Giving experiential gifts for the younger generation can be meaningful as well.  Kids will forever keep in their memory banks the joy they felt while visiting a theme park with family.

Remember that experiential gifts may be more practical for recipients you know dearly.

Keep in mind that gift giving is an expression of how you perceive the recipient.  Make this expression more meaningful this season!