Personalized Gifts You Haven’t Thought Of

Personalized Gifts You Haven’t Thought Of


Giving personalized gifts conveys a special meaning – that he or she is special to you.  Here are some suggested personalized gift items for that special someone.

Lap Desk

office-1571931_640Doing homework, playing a game, or just plain doodling, a personalized lap desk is a good gift idea for youngsters and young adults alike.  Lap desks are flexible and are good substitutes for bulky desks that are not designed for moving around. Sitting in one place for hours on end adds monotony to schoolwork. A lap desk allows movement to different spots without disrupting activity.

Fleece Blanket

No one in the house will ever argue about a blanket if there’s a name on it. Blankets are very personal stuff and one that’s made of fleece material will certainly keep one warm in the coldest of months.  What else could be cuter than a soft blanket that’s all your own?

Beach Towel

It isn’t the season for lying on the sand or riding the waves but it is never too early to buy gifts for the outdoors.  A personalized beach-sized towel is a great fun gift.  No worries about drying off or lying on the sand using a pal’s towel because it won’t happen with a personalized one.

Snack Bowl

thefifthwatches-1663295_640Snacking becomes intimate with a personalized snack bowl.  Whether it’s a bowl of popcorn at midnight or a bowl of cereals in the morning, everyone in the house knows they can’t grab it because it’s obviously not theirs.  Sharing, of course, is more fun.

Ball Cap

Baseball fans will love to show off a personalized ball cap. It’s so easy to grab one and have it sewn with monograms. Even if left hanging in someone’s hallway, no one would dare use it.  Ball caps can be given along with a sports gadget of your choice.

Decorative Wall Letter

Spruce up someone’s bedroom with a decorative wall letter. You can buy just one – the letter of his or her first name or two for a couple’s bedroom.  Wall letters are gifts people don’t outgrow. It’s personal and exudes a shabby chic effect in any bedroom.

There are a lot of practical personalized gifts for everyone in your list.  The ones above are gift ideas that you might want to consider.  Your list is just waiting to be ticked!