Personalized Gifts You Haven’t Thought Of


Giving personalized gifts conveys a special meaning – that he or she is special to you.  Here are some suggested personalized gift items for that special someone.

Lap Desk

office-1571931_640Doing homework, playing a game, or just plain doodling, a personalized lap desk is a good gift idea for youngsters and young adults alike.  Lap desks are flexible and are good substitutes for bulky desks that are not designed for moving around. Sitting in one place for hours on end adds monotony to schoolwork. A lap desk allows movement to different spots without disrupting activity.

Fleece Blanket

No one in the house will ever argue about a blanket if there’s a name on it. Blankets are very personal stuff and one that’s made of fleece material will certainly keep one warm in the coldest of months.  What else could be cuter than a soft blanket that’s all your own?

Beach Towel

It isn’t the season for lying on the sand or riding the waves but it is never too early to buy gifts for the outdoors.  A personalized beach-sized towel is a great fun gift.  No worries about drying off or lying on the sand using a pal’s towel because it won’t happen with a personalized one.

Snack Bowl

thefifthwatches-1663295_640Snacking becomes intimate with a personalized snack bowl.  Whether it’s a bowl of popcorn at midnight or a bowl of cereals in the morning, everyone in the house knows they can’t grab it because it’s obviously not theirs.  Sharing, of course, is more fun.

Ball Cap

Baseball fans will love to show off a personalized ball cap. It’s so easy to grab one and have it sewn with monograms. Even if left hanging in someone’s hallway, no one would dare use it.  Ball caps can be given along with a sports gadget of your choice.

Decorative Wall Letter

Spruce up someone’s bedroom with a decorative wall letter. You can buy just one – the letter of his or her first name or two for a couple’s bedroom.  Wall letters are gifts people don’t outgrow. It’s personal and exudes a shabby chic effect in any bedroom.

There are a lot of practical personalized gifts for everyone in your list.  The ones above are gift ideas that you might want to consider.  Your list is just waiting to be ticked!

The Perfect gift: Fitness Watches For Your Friends


Finding the Best Fitness Watches

When someone is looking for the kind of device that is going to support them in their efforts to get fit, they need to look into all of the devices that are available and they need to find something that seems as if it has been made just for them. When someone is looking for a watch that they will be able to wear as they set out to try to get into shape, they will find that there are some good watch options out there. The one who is looking to attain their fitness goals will find that the fitness watches can help them out.

The Best Fitness Watches are Simple to Use:

As someone is seeking to lose weight and to get into shape, they need to find a device that is going to be simple and easy to use. They do not want to waste a lot of their time in trying to figure out how to use a device. They need to find a device that makes it easy for them to track their exercise and one that is simple to understand.

The Best Fitness Watches Offer Much:

As someone is choosing a watch that they will be able to wear as they seek to get fit, they need to find something that has a lot to offer. They need to find a watch that allows them to do a lot and that will help them with their goals.

The one who is trying to get into shape will find that a device can help them out. When they find the best fitness watches out there, they will be set up for their fitness goals.

GPS Trackers for Kids


Every parent’s nightmare is losing track of your child and the child getting lost, especially when they are young. Having a GPS tracker can help relieve these fears as parents are able to locate their child instantly if the child is separated from them for any reason. There are several different options to choose from, whether you choose a GPS tracker that slips into the child’s pocket or one that attaches to their shoe or item of clothing. Many are smartphone adapted where a parent can download the app connected to the GPS device and know instantly where their child is. Never before have parents felt so secure about knowing they can find their child if ever they were lost or became separated from them.

Many GPS trackers for kids are waterproof and are durable, made to last through any set of circumstances in order to be able to provide the quality of service needed in a time of stress such as being separated from a child. For parents of older children such as teens, they can even place one on the teen’s automobile in order to keep track of where their child is traveling and being able to locate them if need be. Some GPS trackers even come with Amber Alerts in case of a child being lost or missing. Some are also equipped with notifications, which allow the parents to know when a child is traveling from place to place while the parent is at work or just not with the child.

GPS tracking is a fantastic way for parents to feel more secure in this day and age where there is so much going on in the world. Feeling confident about knowing where your child is at all times makes a parent feel more confident about the safety of the child.

The How-Tos of Meaningful Gift Giving


Gift-giving season is fast approaching.  You may have a list of family and friends you don’t want to miss out, but you haven’t decided yet what to give.

Gifts for people who are dear to you must be meaningful and if possible, personalized.  Here are some gift-giving suggestions that will certainly make your family and friends gush with delight:

Value the Person’s Likes

One of the most important aspects of gift giving is to show the person that you value what makes him or her happy.  Giving gifts that they appreciate very much is a sign that you value the person.

With that in mind, try giving presents that are appropriate for their personality.  If you have time, try not to give the same gifts to your circle of friends.  Individually, they will feel special because they know it was hand-picked by you.

Be practical when buying presents.  A lot of buyers choose gifts that are popular in the market, forgetting that the recipient may not have any practical use for them.

gift-444519_640Choose what is practical or more functional for the receiver.  For instance, for a lady friend you buy a branded perfume that everyone is raving about.  While it will surely be appreciated, you might want to ask yourself first if this friend has a favorite perfume that she really loves.  Buying her “favorites” could be the best way to go.

Forget the Store-bought

Gifts from the store shelves aren’t necessarily the best items around.  Some people feel much happier receiving handmade stuff because it imbibes the idea that none or only a few of these exist.  They can’t be found just anywhere and this makes it more special for the receiver.

Handmade items, as others would say it, are made with love.

Consider the Intangibles

Want to be different this year? Buy gifts that don’t come in a box.  Give the gift of experience.  Sometimes, it is difficult to think of a gift to older generations, parents for instance.  Some may have everything they need and have accumulated gifts from friends, loved ones, neighbors, office staff, and other people they have encountered in their lifetime.  It is even possible that there are unopened gifts gathering dust in the basement.

Concert tickets or certificates to a spa treatment could be a welcome present.  Try to think of an activity you know the recipient would enjoy even if it would mean just a one-time experience.  No matter how brief this experience may be, for as long as it is pleasurable for the recipient, it will be as meaningful.

Giving experiential gifts for the younger generation can be meaningful as well.  Kids will forever keep in their memory banks the joy they felt while visiting a theme park with family.

Remember that experiential gifts may be more practical for recipients you know dearly.

Keep in mind that gift giving is an expression of how you perceive the recipient.  Make this expression more meaningful this season!